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WP Photo Seller WordPress Plugin: I do not recommend buying!

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WP Photo Seller WordPress Plugin: I do not recommend buying!

WP Photo Seller Plugin Photo Plugin presented problem, and it’s the server’s fault, That’s what I heard

We spent here in Studio the complete lack of interest on the part of the developer team of the plugin WP Photo Seller Plugin, a plugin developed for sale of photos and focused for photographers. We had a serious problem, as they themselves reported are not responsible according to their terms, so I answered:

“I would jump on your site to check your 1 year free tech support expired. So you will need to pay for another year of support if you want to jump on your site and help you troubleshoot.”

Now you explain to me why you make a plugin and do not care the least for your client. This is very easy, I will hire a team to make a few plugins sell a subscription plan and wait for the money to come in.

Wait people have solved the issues in the forum and everything is great. Few communication and phone channels we found on Google did not work.

I personally do not recommend the service of the developer company of the WP Photo Seller Plugin, and there are other solutions to the same problem: sell photos on the Web or even system to do photo management as a basis for WordPress.

WP Photo Seller Plugin

I do not recommend, like the experience reported above, believe in developers outside the WordPress plugin directory. I was wary of hiring the WP Photo Seller Plugin, but I needed it then, before I’d hired a system development myself.

Here is the tip of experience, do not rely on any company that develops plugins (Premium Plugin) of photos or even other branches.

Do a lot of research so you do not get hurt in the end. I wish you good luck!

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  1. claudio disse:

    ho acquistato photo seller il 13/7/2018 ha causato molti problemi non ancora risolti e inoltre non ho ricevuto nessuna risposta alle molte richieste effettuate.
    provo a chiedere il rimborso di quanto pagato.
    hai prossimi aggiornamenti

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